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Hands For A Billion Lives Demonstration

On Saturday October 22nd at 2:22pm at the Utah State Capitol and in hundreds of locations world-wide at the exact same time in their time zone, communities joined hands in silent demonstration. Today, we joined hands as a visual demonstration of support for the 1 billion smokers who will die needlessly due to smoking-related disease if our government insists on overregulation and taxation thereby destroying the only hope of stopping over 480,000 deaths in the US.

A new award winning and Oscar nominated documentary “A Billion Lives” tells the history about collusion and corruption between our government, health agencies and big industry set to kill off the vaping industry and seal the fate of 1 billion smokers worldwide. This movie is premiering on November 3rd in Salt Lake City and the community is standing up for the truth that scientists around the world are saying can save lives.

We ask for everyone’s support of the public’s right to accurate and evidence based information on vapor products thereby allowing them to choose a safer alternative for themselves and their loved ones. Please see the short 3 minute video below of our demonstration on the capitol grounds.
Stories from our community:


From LM Fisher: Today, my husband Kevin Fisher & I participated in Hands for a Billion Lives here in Utah at the state capitol. We are glad that we went!

I wanted to remember and honor our dear friend Fiamma Palermo, who lost her battle to lung cancer in May this year, 2016. Although going through many months of chemo & radiation, the cancer in her lungs, from 55 years of smoking cigarettes prevailed. Fiamma (aka Karen Lee, aka Sweets) was a positive force in the vaping industry and a big advocate for it. Proof that vaping works, proof that smoking cigarettes kill, even though she had stopped smoking. Proof that vaping can help, as it added much valued time to her life, that was ultimately cut short from her years of smoking.

She cared for each and every one of us who vape, and specially cared to get cigarette smokers transitioned into vaping. Fiamma touched many many of our lives. May you rest in peace dear friend! We are always grateful the our paths crossed!


From Michael Gene:

Day 77, admission, and 3 part post.

I wish I could say that day 77 has left me 100% smoke free but it hasn’t. In the last 3 weeks I’ve smoked a total of 5 cigarettes, last one yesterday at work. 56 days straight and then I slipped a bit, but I didn’t fall flat on my face. And, that’s OK, I’ve never professed to be perfect, only human, and extremely motivated when I take on an endeavor of personal change. The only other one greater was changing me in order to give my kids the best life possible as a single father. So, in a way they are one in the same endeavor.

Say what you will about vaping, there’s plenty of jokes about it, but it’s not a fad for me. It’s been the tool that has kept my from lighting up 2305 times since I committed 77 days ago. It could have been 2310 times, but those 5 snuck in there. That’s a 0.21645% failure rate on my part. Or, better yet, a 99.78355% success rate in 77 days for a man that smoked for 31 years. Vaping as the best NRT for me, yeah it is working. You either support me or you don’t, if you don’t, well you don’t put the food on the table or the roof over my kids heads, I do.

Now, I recognize that I left two huge holes in my post so let me sew those up. It’s not a joke to me, it’s not funny, I’m adding potential years back on my life, so go be funny somewhere else if you’re gonna make a stupid joke in reply. And two, for anyone that is going to reply and say something about being addicted to nicotine, well, here’s food for thought. The nicotine I do intake vaping is much, much less harmful for me physically than the food we eat off of store shelves. And, tenfold less harmful than that fast food meal. So, to all the naysayers, educate yourself, and look at your personal habits before you comment, ever again about my vape posts.

To all the NRT vapers out there, this is to you.

Butson out….


From Kevin Fisher:

My wife LM Fisher and I spent part of our afternoon in a silent protest at our states capital in Salt Lake City UT to have access to a safer alternative to tobacco products!

The picture below is my Mom and Dad James and Nora Fisher. Both of my parents passed away from smoking related illnesses. It is no secret that I am a vaper and I am very proud to be so. My mom passed away in 2006 and my dad followed in 2008. Both had quick smoking 4 or 5 years before their passing. I honest believe that if they had the choice/freedom to choose a healthier alternative I might of had more time on this earth with them. My dad is retired military (USN) passed away from lung cancer, this was probably the most difficult thing to ever witness in my life…..I am smoke free thanks to vaping, I am almost nicotine free thanks to vaping.

I know if they were still with us today they would be very proud of the demon I have conquered.


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2nd showing of A Billion Lives

Thanks to the hard work by UTSFA member Riverwalk Vapors, Salt Lake City will have a 2nd showing for A Billion Lives.

The United Nations’ World Health Organization projects that a billion people will die this century from smoking. This award winning and Oscar contending documentary highlights the lies and corruption by top governments and health agencies around the world intent on allowing smokers to die all in the name of money.

Big brother has lied again…They’re trying to force an entire industry out of business that is helping people to stop smoking.    ~ Herman Cain

The truth about the corruption will be aired at 10pm on Thursday November 10th at Brewvies Cinema Pub in Salt Lake City. Smoking related disease kills Utah smokers at a rate of nearly 5 times that of the opioid epidemic and our state is not doing enough to fix the problem.

“The makers of this film did their due diligence, the narrative of this movie is immaculate.”     ~Kevin Crowley

Tickets are $13 each (with an add’l $1 processing fee) and must be purchased online via: https://www.tugg.com/events/a-billion-lives-bukd. The ticket fees cover the cost of the theater rental, fees for distribution (Tugg), production company costs and a percentage of the ticket sales are returned to the Utah Smoke Free Association to support statewide advocacy.

We encourage everyone in the community to reach out directly to their elected representatives to alert them to this premier and suggest they make the time to view it. The UTSFA is happy to provide tickets to them at no cost to them or the taxpayers but they will need to request it directly from us.

We have created a Facebook event to help show support and provide a location for people to discuss the event https://www.facebook.com/events/1365334500152088/

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Hands for A Billion Lives

handsThe Utah vaping family is invited to participate in a one of a kind GLOBAL call to action. We are asking for EVERY vaper in Utah to join together at the Utah State Capitol (South steps) on Saturday October 22nd at exactly 2:22 pm (need to be early so you can be in place by this time). At this exact time, vapers from around the world will be joining hands in solidarity to support the estimated 1 billion lives that will be lost this century due to smoking related disease. This event is not sponsored by any single industry organization to demonstrate the power we have as a community to come together to help save lives.


This movement is about exposing the threat to a billion lives from over-regulation of the vapor products, which will shut down 99% of the vapor industry and deny access to these products to Americans who would otherwise smoke. Today, We are building a wall to protect those billion lives who will die needlessly due to smoking-related disease if our government refuses to allow these products to remain on the market.


This will be a silent protest about exposing the threat to a billion lives from over-regulation of the vapor products, which will shut down 99% of the vapor industry and deny access to these products to Americans who would otherwise smoke.
On this day, we are building a wall to protect those billion lives who will die needlessly due to smoking-related disease if our government refuses to allow these products to remain on the market.


Some rules for the event that we ask everyone to please follow:

  1. This is a peaceful SILENT movement. No outburst, chanting, rallying. We can’t deliver the message that we are forming a wall to protect a billion lives and look positive and caring if we are ranting and raving about how the FDA sucks.
  2. Every person is responsible for their neighbor. Each of you are in charge of your neighbor and their actions. If your neighbor starts to act out, take action to help stop their behavior. Guilt works amazingly. “Hey, it is your responsibility to represent the community and you are making us look as irresponsible as they think we are. Stop. Show them we don’t want people to die, not that you want to kill someone.”
  3. Everyone is to direct media inquires to Shilo Platts, co-President of SFATA Utah. We want to deliver the exact same message across the country so it’s important that he be the ONLY media contact for this event.
  4. For this brief period it is imperative that we are not blowing clouds, doing vape tricks, etc. Remember why we all got into vaping and what the industry stands for (hint: it’s NOT clouds brah).


If you are a store owner, please print this flyer and place it on the tasting bar, next to your register and on your doors. Make sure your employees talk to all your customers about it. If you are a consumer, we encourage you to bring your significant others or family members with you that are old enough to understand what our industry is all about. Lastly, we are asking anyone who has lost a friend or family member as a consequence of tobacco-related illness to bring a picture of that individual with them to the protest.


To join the event, please register your interest on the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1346568058710382/


For more information on the Hands for A Billion Lives global event, please visit http://www.handsforabillionlives.com/

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