UTSFA Leadership


When the UTSFA was formed, it was decided to make this a Board of Directors managed organization packed full of various skills to benefit the statewide industry.  We have always been and will always be a consumer led organization but we believe in having some of the top skills available in Utah to support both our professional members and the over 50,000 consumers that make up our statewide community.

We would like to present you with the leadership team for the Utah Smoke Free Association..

Board of Directors

Aaron SuitExecutive Director & Founder – Aaron Frazier (consumer)

Aaron founded the organization out of pure passion in March 2011 after smoking for over 24 years.  Through his passion and dedication to helping others achieve the same, he was asked to become the state representative for the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association which he served for over 2 years, was one of the 2 consumer advocates for the American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association and is a Board of Directors member of the E-Research Foundation that is dedicated to the advancement of independent industry medical/scientific research targeted for peer-review and publication.  Professionally, he has spent the better part of the last decade as a global manager in IT process control for a global mining company focused on risk management and mitigation for the health and safety of IT and mining employees around the globe.


mikeCompliance Director – Mike Seely (consumer)

Mike is not a “cloud chaser” or “mod collector” but rather just average consumer with a passion for vape. In 2010 electronic cigarettes changed his life after having been a pack a day smoker for 18 years. Being in sales, Mike was always self conscious about the horrible smell of analog cigarettes and his children had always asked him to quit. Electronic cigarettes where a cure for these issues and even led him to the ability to run his first ever 10K race in 2012. With the formation of the first Utah Vape Meet in 2011 Mike was able to meet with other people who’s lives had been changed by e-cigs and local vendors alike. While the social aspect of such events was very appealing, it started to get more challenging for these events to take place do to the constant restrictions added by Utah’s government. So in 2014 Mike decided to do his part for local advocacy and joined as a board member of the UTSFA.



tadDirector & President – Tad Jensen, Manager ElectronicStix

Tad began vaping back in 2009 using “cig-a-likes”, but was still unable to quit smoking. That was until a friend referred him to ElectronicStix, where he purchased his first personal vaporizer. It was not until then, that he was able to quit smoking in 2012. Tad is now the manager of ElectronicStix in Murray, and takes pride in helping people quit smoking, every single day. From the beginning, Tad has been an outspoken advocate of tobacco harm reduction in the vaping industry. He has appeared in multiple interviews in local media, and hopes to continue to advocate for the vaping community for many years to come.


TamDirector & Secretary / Treasurer – Tamara Evans

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