April Regulation Update

regulationsThe Utah industry retail sales and manufacturing regulations are now final and available for all Utah retailers and all manufacturers who distribute through Utah retail operations. These regulations apply regardless of point of sale (C-Stores, Vape Shops, Smoke Shops, etc) and enforcement on them will begin on July 1st 2016. There are NO exceptions to the rules where refillable e-liquid is sold in bottle format. The only exception is for cartridges which are filled and pre-sealed at the manufacturing level (such as Blu, NJoy, etc).
Due to rumors and mis-information being spread around with the Utah industry, we want to specifically address a few points to ensure everyone understands fact from fiction:

  1. There are NO requirements to use a specific type of bottle or banning the use of certain types of bottles.
  2. The Nicotine Warning label is required on EVERY bottle of e-liquid regardless of point of sale. The label size must be at least 20% of the largest panel of the bottle which means; if the bottle is round the label must be 20% of the entire surface area of the bottle. There are also specific fonts, colors and a VERY specific statement that must be on this 20% space. No other language is allowed in this space. After-market labels are allowed and will be provided to members at no cost. Additional labels for non-members will be available for sale in June.
  3. A tamper-evident warning must be included on the label or as an after-market label and cannot be removed by removing the tamper-evident seal.
  4. Batch/Lot numbers must be either on the label or laser etched into the bottle.


The UTSFA will be providing after-market labels for the nicotine warning and tamper-evident warning to all members at no cost as part of your membership into the organization (up to 50,000 total). Additional labels will be available for purchase for all current and non-members through VC Wholesale in June (link to be published soon).
All details of the final regulations can be found by clicking on the PDF image below.


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