UTSFA Leadership Nominations

voteThe Utah Smoke Free Association is a consumer driven non-profit 501(c)4 trade organization comprised of a consumer governed Board of Directors. All positions are volunteer and serve a term of 12-24 months unless the position is resigned. All Board of Directors and Officer positions will be nominated by the public and voted on by the UTSFA General Members along with the existing Board of Directors. Per our official By-Laws, the Board of Directors must be comprised of 5 individuals; 3 consumers and 2 from the industry (owners or employees). Consumers on the board may not be affiliated in any way with the industry. Officers are not required as part of our By-Laws and do not have voting authority but add to the leadership and skills and help spread the work out amongst a larger group.

We are currently accepting nominations for 3 positions:

  • Consumer Director (no industry affiliation)
  • Industry Director (must be industry owner/employee)
  • Secretary/Treasurer (Officer – prefer no industry affiliation but will consider all)

Nominees must be passionate about the vaping industry and who have a passion for advocating to keep our industry legal and active in the Utah community. The leadership team meets regularly throughout the year to address legislative issues, work to improve the industry image through media and public relations, and work with the industry on compliance.

The time commitment is generally less than 8 hours per month; with legislative months being the most active and requiring additional time commitment. You must have great skills in building and maintaining relationships but no prior experience with the role is required; just a passion to serve the community which has helped so many people over the last 10 years. The Secretary/Treasurer position is a combined position and therefore is a bit more involved with our finances and generally keeping everyone organized so we do prefer some experience in the field but anyone will be considered.

Self-nomination is acceptable and encouraged!

All nominations close at midnight on December 23rd. The Board of Directors will review all nominations and elections will begin on or about January 2nd.  You can nominate using the form below however if the form does not appear, please use the direct link to the form here:



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