2016 Legislative Fundraiser

huhoThe Utah Smoke Free Association is committed to serving the e-cigarette and vaping community as part of our core principals.  The 2016 legislative session begins on January 25th and we have new battles bearing down on us which require our laser focus and financial commitment:

  • E-Cigarette Taxation – Rep. Paul Ray
  • Tobacco Age Limit Increase – Rep. Kraig Powell
  • E-Cigarette regulations (committed by Rep. Paul Ray but not yet filed)

We have things planned to help fend off this legislation which will require a financial commitment from our organization and the industry as a whole; but they are necessary to survive in the Utah industry. Because this legislation also affects the availability of products for the adult consumers in the state, we are asking everyone in the community consider their support to protect the longevity of the industry. All funds raised through this campaign will be reserved exclusively for bringing in the necessary experts to help protect the industry.

Please see our official Legislative Fundraiser page for full details on how to help protect vaping in Utah. If we lose this battle, the photo below is what will happen in 2016…

Utah handcheck


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