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Over the last year, it’s become apparent that lots of vapers are trying to break into the industry. Unfortunately this has created a growing trend with illegal e-liquid manufacturing operations popping up. While it’s exciting to see so many people wanting to get involved in the industry, it’s critical that everyone understands that Utah very strict regulations and legalities on the operation of a manufacturing facility and the sales of e-liquid. For those that go through the red tape to get their business legally licensed, illegal operations are a slap in their face and pose a danger to the public. These operations also make what we do at UTSFA very difficult and ultimately damage the reputation of the statewide industry and cause our lawmakers to come up with more regulations for the legitimate businesses to endure.

In every county in the metro area, your manufacturing business must be licensed and inspected by the county and have all proper business licenses to operate legally. Details of the licensing requirements can be found on the “Utah Laws” page and we’re happy to help you navigate the process and explain what it all means. Utah is also very fortunate to be home to numerous contract manufacturing facilities who will be happy to work with you and manufacture your product under your logo and your recipes in a properly equipped, licensed and insured facility. We can help you find a suitable one if you would like to go this route.

When we discover a new e-liquid manufacturer on the scene, we attempt to reach out to discuss the business and make sure it’s legal. However, if it’s not and the owner refuses to take immediate steps to legalize their business, we will do what is necessary to protect the legal business owners, the image of the entire statewide industry and ultimately the safety of the consumers. This includes passing information on the illegal operation to the respective health department and any other necessary authorities. We would prefer to never have to do this but illegal businesses hurt everyone and this cannot be tolerated.

A few key points on the legalities of the Utah industry:

  • It is illegal for a Utah e-liquid manufacturer or retailer to sell to a Utah resident online (including social media) or “meet up” to make the sale.
  • It is illegal for someone to manufacture e-liquid in a home-based facility and sell to the public.
  • It is illegal for someone to manufacture e-liquid in Utah in a facility which has not been licensed by the county to manufacture e-liquid
  • Sales of vapor products and e-liquid to the Utah public can only be done through a physical Retail operation which has obtained the required business license and e-cigarette retail licensing.

We ask anyone who is currently operating in an unlicensed/home-based facility or who may be considering getting into the industry to review the breakdown of laws on the “Utah Laws” page under the Legislation banner above. Utah doesn’t allow a parking lot taco cart to sell a single taco without all the required licensing and permits and our industry is no different. Continuing to operate in this manner will only result in tougher restrictions that will create serious harm on the entire statewide industry.

We also ask that all social media group admins keep an eye on this and prohibit anyone posting the sale of e-liquid as a business type posting if they cannot prove they are properly licensed to manufacture.  Allowing this to occur or supporting it by allowing purchase of the product is knowingly supporting illegal behavior.

We understand that everyone wants to get into the industry but it’s important that you do it correctly from the start.  If anyone has questions on this, we encourage you to reach out to us via the contact form on our website so a member of our team can work with you.

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