Friday, October 16th, 2015

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State Health Department Rules

Attention Utah retailer and manufacturing community plus any national e-liquid manufacturers who distribute through Utah based retailers. We just completed the final meeting with the state health department on the proposed rules relating to the passage of HB415 during the last legislative session. These rules require the creation of specific rule language surrounding e-liquid bottle labels, packaging, nicotine quality and nicotine content.

The proposed rules enter public comment today for the next 30 days closing on 13-November. The UTSFA is in the process of analyzing the final rule language and industry impact. We will work to have our analysis completed within the next 48 hours and when finished, will publish full details online along with our position on each rule and how to submit public comment.

As always, the UTSFA is committed to protecting not only the rights of our consumers to make a better and more informed choice but for protecting business rights & interests throughout the state of Utah and beyond. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have but please allow us the necessary time to complete our analysis and release the details so everyone has an opportunity to make informed public comment.

~Aaron Frazier, UTSFA Executive Director

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