Vapor industry taxation

My vaping family.  Once again, Utah is about to come under attack from the legislation.  We heard via a recent city council meeting that Representative Ray is drafting a taxation bill for the upcoming legislative session. As you all know, he attempted to tax us twice previously and we were able to defeat it however both times it was very close.  Based on historical evidence, there will be another attempt to tax all products sold in Utah at 86.5% of wholesale cost which will nearly double the purchase price of every product sold AND manufactured in the state.  This affects everyone.  Every e-liquid manufacturer. Every distributor. Every retail shop. And worst of all, over 20,000 of our Utah vaping family.



We need to get everyone on board NOW to fight this back.  Despite what many believe, beating legislation does not begin during the session, it begins BEFORE it even begins.  The next 3 months will be critical in our ability to ensure our industry remains without a punitive excise tax put into place to protect the tobacco industry.  The only way we can win, is for every business owner to get involved immediately.  If we lose this battle, the Utah industry will be shut down by next summer.  Ask yourselves, do you want to remain in this industry more than 8 more months?  Are you a consumer and truly value the industry that has changed your life?

To get involved, visit our membership page immediately.  We offer full membership into the association or varying levels of sponsorship.  All funds collected go into the organization to pay for the lobbyists that fight for YOUR rights to remain in business or to keep vaping accessible and remain free of combustible tobacco.  What is your business worth?  What’s your life worth?


For more information on membership or sponsorships, please visit the membership page:

If you would rather make a one-time donation to help in the battles, you can do that via our donation page:


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