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So the District of Columbia, better known as Washington DC, recently passed a vapor tax of 70% on wholesale against every vapor product sold in that area. This includes all liquids containing nicotine and hardware sold for use with the e-liquid. All industry analysts are calling this the highest tax in the country for our industry and firmly believe it will bankrupt the DC vapor businesses within 6 months of the tax going into effect.

This will happen to our industry in Utah if we cannot keep the taxation defeated. So I ask everyone reading this, if you are a vapor business owner in Utah and you have a desire to remain in business and possibly retire within the industry, what are YOU doing to help combat this and protect your rights to remain in business? If you are a consumer, what are YOU doing to help keep this from happening? The local and state level can shut us down faster than any federal regulation can and it’s a very real threat here.

Please, if you want to remain in business and continue to serve the Utah public and help Utah smokers make a positive change in their lives, we need YOU to get involved today!  Use the contact form above to let us know of your commitment and ask how you can contribute financially or in other ways to keep everyone in Utah in business.

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