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If you haven’t heard about this yet – you must be living under a rock!  The Utah Smoke Free Association in partnership with the Wyoming chapter of SFATA with help from Mystix & Straight Line Vapors in Wyoming, have been planning a massive end of summer vape event like no other.  This isn’t a trade show. There are no vendor booths.  This is an event for YOU, the every day vaper.



The Casino Vape Party is going to be the largest regional event in our dual state history. It is scheduled for August 8th at 7pm in Evanston Wyoming (we have hotel blocks set aside). We have over 35 sponsors who have come together to make this possible.  Under the “big top” tent, we will have:

  • DJ
  • Food
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Craps
  • Beer (for the 21 and over crowd), soda for everyone else
  • Gift bags valued at over $100 for the first 50 to show up
  • OVER $4000 in prizes

Click here for the party page and the Facebook invite for full details but make plans to attend this awesome event!

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