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Because the Utah Smoke Free Association is committed to ensuring our Utah vapor speciality businesses remains operational and our vaping community remains in tact, we are passing this critical update out to everyone.

We received confirmation this week that the licensing application with the Utah state tax commission is now ready and should be submitted immediately to ensure you remain in compliance with the new regulations passed during the last legislative session.  If you sell e-cigarette or vapor products of any kind and do not receive this license, you will not be permitted to continue to sell these products.  If you happen to have a tobacco license, this license should not be required but we recommend calling the tax commission to confirm.

You can find the form here: and will need to complete sections 1, 2, 12 & 14.  After a review of the application, you should not be required to provide a Surety Bond (unless you sell traditional tobacco products) but if they ask for it, please let a member of the board know before purchasing.  

The license is a $30 fee which our understanding is for a 3 year period of time; however we strongly recommend confirming this when you submit the application. It is a bit unclear on dedicated liquid manufacturing facilities if a license will be required (you DO need the county manufacturing permit) so I recommend for those that are, to call the Utah Tax Commission to confirm (please let us know). Anyone that is in the distribution side likely will also need the state permit however we have not been able to reach the office to confirm this.

Click the link below for details on the current laws and regulations on the state level which includes the specifics from the recent legislative session. You can also review the known laws and regulations at the state and county level by visiting our “Utah Laws” page.  If you have any questions on the application process or run into any problems with filing, please let us know immediately.

E-cig regulation summary

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