CTA – Appropriations Committee: HR2058

Something big is happening in Congress this week. Your U.S. House Representative is on an important committee needs to hear from you. Please read the below information carefully and follow the instructions.

On Thursday, June 25, 2015 (Postponed until sometime after the 4th of July holiday weekend), the U.S. House Appropriations Committee will consider an appropriations funding bill that contains a provision that is vital to the future of the e-cigarette and vapor product market. This bill would ensure that FDA regulation does not lead to 99%+ of vapor products being removed from the market (i.e., banned).

There are 53 members of this committee and U.S. House representative Chris Stewart from Utah is one of them. He needs to hear from everyone in his district.

This needs action by Thursday June 25th

Click here for details on HR2058: Support HR 2058 Briefing

District 2 boundarieshttps://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/UT/2 (all points South of Kaysville to I-80, including Tooele county then 1-15 at Scipio south to the Utah border, including Cedar City, St George & Washington)

Please review the map at the above link to closely to determine your location within the district.  If you are not in district 2, you may disregard this message.

I recommend following up your phone call with an email and tweets supporting the call you made.  His phone numbers, email and twitter details are as follows:

DC Office: 202-225-9730

Twitter: @RepChrisStewart

Email: http://stewart.house.gov/contact 

Web: http://stewart.house.gov/

It is CRITICAL that before Thursday, you reach out to Representative Stewart at their DC office and speak to a staff member about two things:

  • Why they should support the Section 747 (Page 86) of the funding bill the House Appropriations Committee will consider on Thursday
  • Why they should cosponsor H.R. 2058, which will make the changes permanent.


– Call the D.C. office of your Congress representative during normal office hours. The number can be found on their website.

– Do NOT just communicate your position to the person who answered the phone.  You are a business owner in the Congressman or Congresswoman’s district — you can get further up the chain than a normal person but you will need to ask.

– Tell the operator that picks up:  

My name is ____. I am a small business owner in Rep. Stewart’s district. There is a vote coming up in the Appropriations Committee on Thursday that is extremely important to my business, my employees, and my customers. Before Thursday, I was hoping I could speak to either Rep. Stewart or a member of his staff that deals with Appropriations Committee issues.”

– If they ask you for a summary of the issue:

“On Thursday, the Appropriations Committee will consider a funding bill for the FDA and other agencies.  I want Rep.Stewart to support Section 747 of the bill and fight back against any attempts to remove it. It would save my business from being shut down by overbearing FDA regulations.  I want Rep. Stewart to know that this bill would not stop the FDA from regulating e-cigarettes and vapor products, but it would just stop them from banning over 99% of products already on the market. Without this fix, my business and thousands of other stores just like mine will be shut down. Additionally, I’d like him / her to co-sponsor HR 2058, which would make the fix permanent.”

Remember, before Thursday, you want to talk to a staffer who works on Appropriations Committee issues about this issue.

If you can generate calls from your employees / customers, GREAT. The simple message that they should deliver is this: “Please co-sponsor HR 2058.” That’s it. Just tell them to leave an address but make sure you are in his district otherwise the message will likely be ignored or passed over to another Rep that cannot take action.

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