Age Verification

The Utah Smoke Free Association is the first statewide vapor industry association that has taken steps to control access to vapor products at the point of sale through the use of technology.  All members of the association have agreed to utilize electronic active age verification at their point of sale to ensure underage consumers do not purchase from our stores.  All members also participate in the SFATA Age to Vape program and will soon undertake specialized training in the Utah “We ID” program.


Our members have the option of using either a hardware based (scanning gun) or software based (smart app) system for their ID scanning system.  Many of our members have a requirement to scan the ID of every customer to ensure full compliance with the law.  Penalties for selling to minors can range from up to $300 for the first offense and up to $1000, civil penalties and revocation of their business license for multiple offenses so they take the scanning process as though their business depends upon it; because it does.  Our members make up the highest concentrations of electronic active age verification participants in the country and are highly regarded by the health department, legislature and law enforcement for the steps they take at the point of sale.

scanner smartphone

For any non-member interested in deploying the hardware or software, feel free to contact us for more information on how you can show your commitment to controlling underage access to vapor products.


Here is some media stories on our innovative verification program:

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