Monday, April 13th, 2015

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Random Liquid Testing


As part of our organizational standards, we perform random testing on liquid purchased in the state both from in-state and out of state e-liquid manufacturers.  We primarily test for nicotine concentrations to ensure the liquid falls within the +/- 10% variance as required by our standards and by what is considered to be best practices within the e-liquid and pharmaceutical industries.  We also will be performing more detailed tests to ensure there are no unauthorized ingredients being incorporated into any of the liquids.


In early January, the Salt Lake County Health Department issued a press release regarding random sampling they performed on e-liquid throughout the state on liquid purchased during August 2014.  They provided us a copy of the test results which we analyzed and validated against the results they provided.  We committed at that time both to the health department and the public to performing the same test on the same brands and flavors of liquids but wanted to give it enough time to allow new batches to circulate in to ensure we test a more recent batch.


Also occurring the same week as the SLCO press release, we finalized the agreement between the UT Smoke Free Association and Terponix, a local Utah analytical laboratory specializing in e-liquid testing.  Through this new relationship, we procured and sent the same flavors of one of the manufacturers tested by the health department.  After speaking with the Pink Spot team, they agreed to allow us to publish the results which are below.  You will see below that all liquids tested are within the +/- 10% variance allowed by our organization standards which demonstrates that their mixing process in their laboratory is working as designed.  Pink Spot has been a huge supporter of our organization since our formation in 2011 and we’re proud of their accuracy and processes and are not surprised by the results.  Based on the tests, we feel you can purchase their liquids with a high level of confidence based on product accuracy, quality and service.

Pink Spot test results


The Utah Smoke Free Association will continue to perform random sample testing on all liquids throughout the year and beyond.  The Board and our members all agree this is important enough for us to finance and we are happy to do so.  As we find tests that are concerning, we will be working directly with the manufacturer (regardless of source) to ensure they are both aware of the results and we can work with them to resolve any process errors that prevented a successful test.


Update: We also received this week the test results from a Big Tobacco product that we wanted to share.  We feel everyone including our health department will find this information interesting and frightening at the same time…


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