Organizational Change

The Utah Smoke Free Association is happy to announce that Darrel Schildknecht has accepted the role of Manufacturing Director with the organization. Darrel previously held the role of President as we got up and running and this new role is a natural fit for him due to his extensive experience in the vapor industry with both retail and manufacturing. Please join us in welcoming him to the Board of Directors!darrel

Since he has vacated his role of President, we also will be taking open nominations for the next month to fill his vacancy. Along with this vacancy, we also need to fill the role of Social Media & Promotions Manager to help the organization and our members grow their business reputations online.

If you would like to apply or nominate someone for either of the two open positions, please apply at the following location. After the closing date, the general members of the association along with the Board of Directors will hold a formal voting session to fill the vacancies.

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