Buy Local and quit!

Sometimes, it takes a scientist to tell us what we already know.  It’s sad that population level data is not trusted but certainly are happy that this confirmed the information we have been saying for years!

In this study, 71 adult smokers making their first purchase at local participating vape shops were asked by professional retail staff to complete a form.

Measurements: Their cigarette consumption was followed-up prospectively at 6 and 12 months. Details of products purchase (i.e., e-cig hardware, e-liquid nicotine strengths and flavours) were also noted.

Findings: Retention rate was elevated, with 69% of participants attending their final follow-up visit. At 12 month,

  • 40.8% of the subjects could be classified as quitters,
  • 25.4% as reducers and 33.8% as failures.

Switching from standard [2nd generation] refillables (initial choice) to more advanced [3rd generation] devices (MODs) was observed in this study (from 8.5% at baseline to 18.4% at 12 month) as well as a trend in decreasing their liquid nicotine strength, with more participants adopting low nicotine strength (from 49.3% at baseline to 57.1% at 12 month).

Conclusions: We have found that smokers purchasing e-cigarettes from vape shops with professional advice and support can achieve high success rates.



For details on the study, click the image above.

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