Legislative Update – 1 week remaining!

lu_banner I want to thank everyone for coming out to the capitol on Friday to help fight HB0415. An amendment was introduced at the session which we did not have sufficient time to review in a great amount of detail but was not a big improvement. It was certainly a very different hearing than they have been in prior years – much calmer and professional which I attribute to hiring our lobbyists to negotiate behind the scenes and also a session with no direct attack on the consumer base of the industry.

While the bill was passed out “favorably” to move into the next phase, there was enough disagreement brought to light and was agreed by Ray himself that more work was needed.  You can listen to the audio of the session at the following link (21:00 mark) http://utahlegislature.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=8&clip_id=18791

We will continue working behind the scenes and are meeting with our lobbyists over the weekend to determine the next steps. As it stands currently, the bill is really not improved over the version introduced so more action will be needed. As soon as we have an opportunity to discuss it and map out the necessary actions, we will communicate it to everyone. I will note that full details of our planned actions may not be widely shared as our posts and communications are being closely monitored.

Remember, this is a chess match and each side are planning their moves and counter moves. We are working on the next 10 moves and believe we have a strong chance at winning this match but it will take a series of coordinated and well thought out moves. Please remain patient while we work through things…

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