Utah Smoke Free Association

Our new website is under construction and will be launched soon.  We apologize for any inconvenience our construction zone may cause you.  Please check back soon for our new website!

For any questions or media inquiries in the meantime, please contact board@utsmokefree.org


The Utah Smoke Free Association is a state and federally registered 501(c)4 organization dedicated to Tobacco Harm Reduction and vapor industry retail and manufacturing excellence.

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3 Comments to Utah Smoke Free Association

  1. Tyler Hoffman says:

    Please do not take away vaping that has helped me quit analog cigarettes the day i picked up a vape and thousands of other people! What you guys don’t understand is that if you tax this market it will be way too expensive and everyone will quit buying all together and you guys won’t make any money at all! Also you will be taking away jobs from peple working in the industry which is 500+ people here in Utah. This upsets me so much because vaping is my life and it’s not only helping me live longer and improving my health from when i was smoking a pack and a half a day but it’s also my hobby that i love more than anything. I have never been this passionate about anything. It helps me when I’m stressed out or just need to get my mind off something i can just go build and it makes me happy and calms me down. Plus i know i can always count on the vape community to always be here for eachother and it’s such a great support system. It’s a family! Please don’t take this amazing harm reduction away from us and break up the family.

  2. I tried to email you about supporting the cause bit the email is non exist. So email me about how to support the vaping community thanks